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Studio Cité

Collection of installations by Benjamin Vandewalle, 2019.


Studio Cité combines a series of installations, performances and interventions in one place, square or venue in public space in a city.  During a period of several days or weeks, Vandewalle transforms the urban location into an artistic fun fair, a playground for the human gaze and a space where social encounters, discussions and the exchange of ideas can take place.

Concept and direction Benjamin Vandewalle 

Performance Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx, Shosha Van Kranendonk, Yentl De Werdt

Technical coordination Hans Van Wambeke, Jonas Vanhullebusch

Technical support Bjørn Gunnar Otten 

Technician on tour Pierre Daugy 

Technical engineering Joris Festjens

Sound Yoann Durant, Laryssa Kim 

Sound engineering Gert Aertsen, Leander Schönweger 

Costumes Sofie Durnez 

Graphic design Fien Robbe 

Thanks to Aernout Vandewalle, CB service, Ivan Lucadamo.



© Sylvain Marchand

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