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"Deceleration (that is, moving at a slower pace) is an important part of it, to be sure, but the crux of Slow research is less about a register of speed than it is about awareness—and especially about the shifts in perception and positioning that can be provoked when we commit to more expansive ways of being in and of the world. That means looking more closely and listening more deeply, noticing fine details and attuning to processes, and at the same time adopting a wider, more holistic view that situates our experiences within larger webs of relations, spaces, and times."
Carolyn F. Strauss, Slow Spatial Research: Chronicles of Radical Affection

Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx is a researcher, multidisciplinary artist, and performer, based in Brussels. She studied literature at KULeuven and contemporary performance at Utrecht University. Alice has been developing a practice of slowness, nourished by academic as well as embodied research. This ‘slowness’ is closer to an atmosphere than to a range of speed: it is a time-space where we can practice another way of relating.

She collaborates as dramaturge and performer with Benjamin Vandewalle (2017, 2018, 2019), Jeanne Colin (2019), Stav Yeini (2019), Evelien Cammaert (2021), Lee/Vakulya (2022), and Francesca Saraullo (2024). Alice created the durational performance Creatures at rest (2021), and is currently researching childbirth in relation to textile crafts and slowness in collaboration with Berenike Corcuera. She published the essay ‘Space as Atmosphere: Floating in a Molecular Bath’ in Slow Spatial Reader: Chronicles of Radical Affection edited by Carolyn F. Strauss (Amsterdam: Valiz, 2021), and occasionally teaches dramaturgy at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC, Brussels).


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