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It's Good To Talk With You, Mother
November 2023 - January 2024
Research on birth, slowness and textile crafting
As the 6th Belgian artist to benefit from LE18 MARRAKECH's partnership with the Flemish government, I researched the use of embroidery and meditation as a way to initiate conversations about our interconnectedness through lines of transmission. My project evolved into collaborative crafting and discussions with the Gifted Mothers of Dar Bellarj, as well as involving a larger group of collaborators for translation and mediation.
The work presented on January 26 and to be visited at LE18 until April 2024 is an ongoing outcome of this conversation. I invite visitors to enter the creative space of this research and experience the process through audio and images that embrace multiple languages and interpretations.

I collaborated with textile artists Berenike Corcuera and Janneke Raaphorst, researcher Malika Eloualy, art embroiderer Soumaya Simari, and the Gifted Mothers of Dar Bellarj : Fatima Ennaaoui, Najia Kharmouch, Nouzha Koudou, Mina Bouyabrine, Rachida El Idrissi, Zahra El Khiraoui, Khadija Karbah, Amal Bayoud, Khaddouj Batta, Rachida El Guendouf, Amina Taih, Rajat Erguibi, Saida Bourkouli, Latifa Fari, Nejma Batta, Zhour Bouh, Saida Chraibi, Noura Jaibi, Naima Ait el Berrah, La Zahra

Special thanks to Amine Lahrach and Othmane Ouallal
With the support of The Flemish government – State of the Arts, Darna – House of Flemish-Moroccan culture, Mondriaan Fund


Pdf: Programme text and documentation

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