Glowachrome Garden

Perfomance by Evelien Cammaert, 2021.

Photographed fragments of landscapes and sound extracts from natural surroundings meet in a dark exposition space that morphs on the pace of slides and sliding screens. We witness the process of an ongoing composition. In this garden of color and light, there is time for looking. Images bring us back to a sunny place we might have never seen.

Concept/images Evelien Cammaert

Performance Evelien Cammaert, Joris Perdieus, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx

Dramaturgy Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx

Scenography Joris Perdieus 

Sound design Harpo ’t Hart 

Artistic advice Bart Van den Eynde, Meryem Bayram, Mesut Arslan, Simon Baetens, Joris Perdieus

Production Platform 0090 

Co-production C-Takt, Workspacebrussels, Playground Festival

In collaboration with the Master in Theatre Program, Institute of Performative Arts, Maastricht (NL), Tiny Things vzw.


Pictures by Evelien Cammaert.