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Hi, Mom

Installation, 2024

Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx in collaboration with Berenike Corcuera

In their current research, Berenike Corcuera and Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx investigate slowness and textile handcrafting as doorways to open conversations around birth. Hi, Mom emerged during a residency at LE18 MARRAKECH, in partnership with the Flemish government, Darna-House for Flemish-Morrocan Culture, and the Gifted Mothers of Dar Bellarj.


This installation invites to enter a slow zone and meet the person who gave birth to us. Headphones propose a mediation where we met our mothers, ask what they need from us, and how they would feel if their wishes were fulfilled.

A table with flowers, pen and paper are there as writing station where we collect letters that emerge from the encounter.

Projection image with drawings by Berenike Corcuera based on drawings by the Gifted Mothers of Dar Bellarj: Fatima Ennaaoui, Najia Kharmouch, Nouzha Koudou, Mina Bouyabrine, Rachida El Idrissi, Zahra El Khiraoui, Khadija Karbah, Amal Bayoud, Khaddouj Batta, Rachida El Guendouf, Amina Taih, Rajat Erguibi, Saida Bourkouli, Latifa Fari, Nejma Batta, Zhour Bouh, Saida Chraibi, Noura Jaibi, Naima Ait el Berrah, La Zahra.

Audio by Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx

Thanks to Kunstenwerkplaats, Godfried Verschaffel and Rita Hoofwijk

Presented at the Biennale for Women in Art: A Show of Resistance, Brussels, March 2024.

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