Slow Experiment
Slow research exercises, 2022-2023

Slow Experiment is a series of exercises that I give both to myself and to (test-)audiences.
They are exercises for myself in giving shape to my research on how to take visitors along in embodied experiences of slowness. And they are exercises in slowing down for whoever will try them out.
In my last creation, Creatures at rest (2021), three women perform a practice of slow movement, attention, and presence on a rotating platform. This durational installation invited spectators to slow down and observe this slow practice from the outside, perhaps slightly hypnotized by the slow turning, the unpredictable score, and the music. In Slow Experiment, I investigate how the practice that the performers embody in Creatures at rest could be tasted and embodied by visitors themselves.
A distinctive trait of an ‘exercise’ is that it is—or can be—repeated. That’s why Slow Experiment is not one, but a series of short pieces. 
Slow Experiment I, the first in this series, is a 20-minute guided practice where I take listeners along in an embodied experience of slowing down that ends with an opening of their visual sense to their actual surroundings.
concept & voice Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx
with the support of Vlaamse Overheid